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InstaLove: The Reunion

What Hassan Wants

Plot Twist

Business Casual


The Cask

The Single Life with Zola Patterson Part 1

The Single Life with Zola Patterson Part 2

Truth or Dare

Trouble’s What You’re In

Annabelle and Lee

V is for Villainous (The Women of V Part One)

V is for Vicious (The Women of V Part Two)

V is for Vengeful (The Women of V Part Three)


Sweatpants Season

Cuffing Season

Broken Clocks

Disasters in Dating

Brink of Disaster: This One

Brink of Disaster: That One


The One

After The One

Work Song




Love Discovered in New York

Autumn and Summer

Back to Life

Back to Reality

Back to December


Novella Series:

Hot Holiday Hookups

Slow News Day

Fool In Love

The Delay

Boo'ed Up

Spread Joy

The Dream

On The Third Day

The Noisemaker


Short Stories:

My Anti-Valentine




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