Curvy Girl Confessions

In celebration of Curvy Girl Summer, I hosted quick, random interviews with authors about relationships, dating, and books. I asked them questions from the same bank of questions but no one knew what anyone else had answered. Check out the similarities, the differences, and the shenanigans as each author gets to confessing :)


These Curvy Girl Confessions will be 20-30 minute episodes featuring some of your favorite authors.


As a FREE Subscriber of my Patreon, you can tune in Monday, Wednesday, and Friday anytime before 11:59pm EST to view the episode of the day.


If you miss an episode, join as a PAID Subscriber of my Patreon and gain access to every episode as they go live and watch on demand. There are a few other perks that come along with this option!


And if you are looking for some inspirational life coaching, there's something for you too!


Either way, Curvy Girl Confessions was a fun, little treat to kick off this upcoming Curvy Girl Summer and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!  


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