The Single Life with Zola Patterson

Hi, I'm Zola!


I won't bore you with the mundane details of my life but just so you know, I'm a 33 year old writer. I'm ambitious, kind, loving, and funny. I'm also single. For some reason, of all the ways I can be described, whenever someone introduces me they find a way to bring up the fact that I'm single.


I'm single by choice. I choose to be single because it's what I want right now. There was no horrible breakup, no bitter heartbreak, no traumatizing life experience that caused me to want to be single. I'm really just trying to live my best life and have the freedom and space to do it.


I'd been in relationships back to back since I was 16 years old so after the end of my last relationship, I decided to just be single and free for awhile. The way my family and friends reacted, you would've thought I detailed a plan to end civilization as we know it. But really, I just wanted to be responsible for me and me alone. I didn't want to be tied to anyone or anything. And while single life can come with some pitfalls, there's a lot to love about it too.


So I decided to blog about my experiences. I won't sugarcoat it. I'm bringing the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Thanks for coming on this ride with me. Welcome to The Single Life with Zola Patterson.


With Love




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