The Single Life with Zola Patterson

The Single Life with Zola Patterson Part 1

Dating doesn’t have to be a disaster. Just follow the rules and you’ll be fine.


Rule Number One: Never chase a man.

Rule Number Two: Be honest about who you are and what you want.

Rule Number Three: When you know, you know.

Rule Number Four: Never let your men cross paths.

Rule Number Five: Don’t catch feelings.


Dating isn’t hard.

Settling is hard.

Faking it is hard.

Finding the one is hard.


But dating? Not so much.

The Single Life with Zola Patterson Part 2


I love being single.
I make a living being single.
I get everything I want being single.

As a dating coach, I guide people through the dating process without a problem.
As a dater, I navigate the single life with ease.
As a rule, I follow my own advice.

But with him it was different.

I tell people all the time: follow the rules and you’ll be fine.
Please listen to that advice.
Because I broke Rule Number Five…
And I am not fine.

The Hot Holiday Hookups

Slow News Day

A Groundhog Day Hot Holiday Hookup


I dreamt of being a news anchor my whole life. When I was offered the opportunity to sit behind the desk, I was ecstatic. Hours later, instead of reporting real news from a real desk, I was going on assignment to document Groundhog Day.


That’s not even a real holiday!


But when asked about my hottest holiday hookup, my mind flashed to the second day of February. Everything that happened that day was completely unexpected. It might’ve been a slow news day, but I came fast.


Fool In Love

An April Fool’s Day Hot Holiday Hookup


When a shy workaholic wants to date, what is she supposed to do?

According to my cousin, the only solution is to sign up for an exclusive dating event on April 1st.

I was nervous.

I was awkward.

I was unprepared.

I didn’t know what to expect on April Fool’s Day. But the last thing I expected was to become a fool in love.  


The Delay

A Juneteenth Hot Holiday Hookup


Catching last minute flights is a part of the job when you’re hired to photograph events all over the country. Usually everything goes according to plan.


But when I was hired to document the Juneteenth celebration in Galveston, Texas, I had no idea my plans were going to be derailed.


The woman who scuffed my sneakers and didn’t apologize ended up having the seat next to me. Yeah, she was beautiful, but I was not feeling her at all.


And then our flight was delayed.


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