Heartache Series



Roman Harper is known for being three things:


A talented artist…

A charismatic loner…

And most notably, an unintentional heartbreaker.


Even though he doesn’t mean for women to fall in love with him, Roman Harper has left a string of broken hearts in his wake. But after a lie tore his world apart eight years ago, Roman doesn’t let anyone get too close to him. Sex is sex and love is…completely out of the question.


Using the past as motivation, Roman pours his heart out onto his canvas. His heartache inspires some of his best work. And at twenty-eight years old, his art is finally getting the recognition that he’s always desired. But when Roman wakes up on the morning after his successful event with no recollection of who left the cryptic message on his bathroom mirror, everything changes.



Months after a secret admirer shook up his life, Roman Harper has found peace with the past that haunted him for eight years. He’s opened his heart to Bianca Baker. He's made a name for himself in the art world. Life is good…


Until an anonymous package with a cryptic message changes everything.


When it happened before, it ripped him apart. This time around, he has so much more to lose.



A Standalone Spinoff of Heartache & Heartfelt


Bradley “Easy” Simon is many things.

One-night-stand material, absolutely.

A womanizer, sure.

Heartless, debatable.


Rumor has it that Bradley “Easy” Simon has never been spotted with the same woman twice. His reputation of being the fun-loving, playboy precedes him.

But an anonymous text message changes everything.


The text message Bradley expected: You up?

The text message he got: I’m pregnant.


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