Interview with Te, Nicole, & Bailey

September 2018

The first collabo I'd like to feature is the talented trio of Bailey West, Nicole Falls, and Te Russ. These beautiful ladies are cranking out hits individually, but decided to work together on a standalone series that is heartfelt, sexy, and fun. Lessons in Love is the summer collaboration that you NEED this fall! Pick them up now!!
Road to Love by Nicole Falls
Acting on Love by Te Russ
Inn Love by Bailey West
How did this collaboration come to be? 
Nicole: Té and I had been talking about doing something together, but then she also mentioned to me that she and Bailey had been talking about working together as well. She bridged the gap, suggesting that we combine our efforts and BAM! A whole collaboration was born. The class reunion thing was an idea that had been sitting in my notes app for a smooth four years, the idea of homecoming is always an interesting path to explore, so when I pitched it to the ladies as the basis of the series, they were on board immediately.
What inspired this particular storyline?
Té: Personally, I’d been wanting to do a reunion story for a while. When Nicole and I first started discussing collaborating and I believe she mentioned the high school reunion angle and I was immediately on board.
What message is your series trying to convey?
Bailey: The LiL series message was two-fold. We wanted to show that the bond of real friendship never dies. Sometimes as we can get so busy with life that we don’t make time for essentials like good girlfriends. The second thing we wanted to convey and showcase is black love in several different forms. Love can be found with old friends; it can be rekindled with lost loves or even found on the side of the road.
What was the hardest part of writing collaboratively?
Nicole: Well, technically we didn’t write collaboratively, right? So our books were independent of one another, so if for some very foolish reason you only wanted to read about one of the couples, they also work as standalones. For this reason, we didn’t have strife whilst creating…because we were free to do our own thang.
How has the experience brought you closer? 
Té: We’ve definitely leaned on each other through this process. We’ve laughed, cried and encouraged one another whenever the inevitable doubt would creep in.
What advice do you have for others looking to collaborate? 
Bailey: Do it! Do it! Do it! But! Make sure that you chose people who know how to share a vision, are flexible and most importantly that you like! (This is not the situation for frienemies!) Our collab worked because we were each other’s fans.
If you had to create a group name for your collaboration, what would it be?
Nicole: We already have a group name. The acronym of the series is LiL, so in all of our teasers pre- and post-release, we’ve been referring to them as “the LiL Books”. Double entendre and such, you know how we do.
Of the group, who is the wild one?
Té: That would be Nicole Falls.
Of the group, who is the funny one? 
Bailey: The whole group is funny, hilarious, actually. We make each other laugh a lot. I don’t think we’ve had one conversation where we didn’t laugh at something.
Of the group, who is the sweet one? 
Nicole: Both of the other ladies tie for this one. I’m the sour patch kid of the group, LMAO.
Of the group, who is the troublemaker?
Té: Again, that would also be Nicole Falls. 
(Nicole: Wow, I’m just feeling really attacked right now, LMAO!)
Is there another collaborative project in the future? 
Bailey: Everyone will have to tune in to see. We did have a complete blast creating these characters together.
What can you briefly tell the readers about your book?
Nicole: My book is about finding love when you least expect it. My main character Emerson is in a bit of a low period, but a chance encounter with a perfect stranger ends up in her meeting the love of her life.
Té: Rocki and Seth have known each other for years. He’s always been her protector. Given the right opportunity, their relationship just might become more.
Bailey: Inn Love is a second chance at love story. High school sweethearts grow up, drift apart and come back together.
Lastly, which Danielle Allen novel would you recommend? 
Nicole: Disasters in Dating is my personal fave. 
Té: Definitely her latest, Sweatpants Season. There’s more to that story than meets the print…I mean eye… ;-)
Thank you ladies!!! Lessons in Love is available right now! 

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